NHL 14 Ultimate Team - Auction House Strategies




Working the auction house is one of the biggest keys to putting together a competitive Hockey Ultimate Team.


Here, you can find that perfect player who will help maximize your team’s chemistry and help put your team over the top. If you have a surplus of player items, place them up for auction and start stockpiling EA Pucks which can be used later to improve your team.

This year, NHL 14 Ultimate Team makes it even easier to start working the auction market. For every item owned, there will be an indicator noting the average selling price, highest auction selling price, as well as the lowest auction selling price. This will help new HUT players get a better idea on what the market is like for each particular item. There are also new search parameters, which makes it easier to find the exact player you want.

Learn more about new features in NHL 14 Ultimate Team.

NHL 14 will be released on September 10 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Fans can learn more at the NHL 14 website. Pre-Order today to receive bonuses.

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