Our Commitment to Gender Equality

CEO Andrew Wilson is joining the United Nation's HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 Program

Today, our CEO Andrew Wilson is joining the United Nations HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10, a group of 10 global CEOs, 10 heads of state and 10 university presidents committed to being change agents to advance gender equality.


Diversity & Inclusion are at the core of Electronic Arts, in our culture and the experiences we create. Nothing is more fundamental to that belief than gender diversity. Over the past two years Electronic Arts has partnered with HeForShe through our Play to Give program, helping drive the conversation around gender equality. Through CEO Andrew Wilson’s participation in IMPACT 10x10x10, we will be extending our relationship to help build a gender equal world where every human being is empowered to reach their full potential. 

“Gender equality is foundational to the culture and values of Electronic Arts, and we must champion it as a force for global change,” said our CEO.  “With more than 2.5 billion people around the world playing games today, interactive entertainment is uniquely positioned to advance this movement.  Gender equality is a human right, and we are committed to leading the conversation with our employees, our players and our industry.” 

With our involvement in HeForShe, we are setting three clear commitments to advance gender equality in our organization and our communities:

Lead in the representation of women in games.
With the global gaming audience expanding and reaching players of all backgrounds, we believe interactive entertainment has the profound ability to both reflect and propel the gender equality movement.  Creating experiences with strong gender representation is an intrinsic principle for our company, deeply rooted in our creative processes, and we are committed to delivering more games that help inspire inclusive communities.

Empower an inclusive culture for EA employees.
We believe in the potential of every human being. To unlock that potential, we take pride in continually fostering a diverse talent community at EA and are committed to creating the most inclusive workplace possible.  We are also deeply invested in programs to inspire the next generation of female game makers, and empowering the future leaders of EA and our industry.

Promote the gender equality movement through our industry and our communities.
Inclusion is a central pillar of our companywide outreach platform, and we will continue building awareness of gender equality throughout our industry and among our player communities. We are committed to continued partnership with HeForShe to harness the power of our global player network in support of the HeForShe target to mobilize 1 in 3 men and youth to take action in support of gender equality.


To learn more about HeForShe, visit http://www.heforshe.org. Take the HeForShe commitment at http://www.heforshe.org/en/commit.


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