Peter Moore: Battlefield 3 Begins



Welcome to the Battlefield!  Today we launched Battlefield 3, a groundbreaking game and more importantly, a game-changing service.

Welcome to the Battlefield!  Today we launched Battlefield 3, a groundbreaking game and more importantly, a game-changing service.

If you haven’t already played, you’re going to be stunned by Battlefield 3.  It’s the most authentic, gritty and yet mesmerizingly beautiful first person shooter that EA has ever delivered.  The Frostbite 2 engine resets the bar for what you should expect from a war simulation game in terms of stunning animation, massive scale, dramatic visuals, precise audio and intense destruction.   Our teams at DICE have put their heart and soul into this game for the past three years, so it’s incredibly exciting to finally see Battlefield 3 out and in the hands of gamers across the world. 

But what really makes today so exciting is that we’re just getting started.  

I’ll let you in on a not-very-well-kept secret:  just because the game is now available, development doesn’t stop here.  Games with the scope and vision of a Battlefield 3 can’t be contained on just a disc or single download.  We now shift part of our organizational structure to focus on Battlefield 3 as a service – a Live team, supporting everything about Battlefield 3 from its patches, updates, and communities to the creation and delivery of new content on an ongoing basis. 

Battlelog.  Data aggregation.  Live updates.  Cloud saves.  Expansion packs.  These are just some of the connected services that comprise the live Battlefield 3 experience, starting today.  And that won’t change as we go through the year, with new updates and services to make the game even richer.  

With Battlelog you’ve got anytime, anywhere access to an online information hub for everything you do inside Battlefield 3.  Your aggregated gameplay stats, your achievements, your platoon, your community, are all part of Battlelog.

Through Origin you are connected directly to our Live team, delivering updates, patches and new content faster and with fewer steps.  You can also take advantage of Cloud Storage for Battlefield 3 with game saves that you can access from multiple PCs.

New content will also be just around the corner, starting just one month after launch with the Back to Karkand Expansion Pack – four new maps, new vehicles and weapons just one month after launch. 

All of this and more point to the fact that today is really a beginning.  So much more is on the way, and we’ll be there every step of the way to make sure that, for a long time to come, you’re enjoying every second of our masterpiece, Battlefield 3.

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