Salute To Superfans: Sean ‘Dragonn’ Allen

Learn about the English Premier League’s first signed eSports player

We all love video games, but some just love them more than others. In this series, we’ll be highlighting some of our most passionate fans from around the world.


Sean Allen was the runner-up at the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016. Now, he’s the first professional FIFA player to represent a Premier League club – West Ham United – in eSports.

We sat down with "Dragonn" and asked him about his passion for the game:

What is it the biggest thing about FIFA that you love?

The main thing I love about FIFA is competing against players from everywhere across the world! I am a big fan of football and I enjoy showing off my football knowledge in the virtual world.


What was the first FIFA game you played?

The first ever FIFA series I started to play was FIFA 97 on PlayStation 1. I started entering tournaments on FIFA 08!


In one sentence: What is the secret to winning in FIFA?

Wanting to win more than your opponent!


Which teams do you usually play with and with which formation?

In head to head my favorite team is Bayern Munich. 4-3-1-2, because the three strikers I use are very quick, Robben, Costa and Ribery just behind – with Lewandowski being my rock in CM.


What was your most memorable moment in FIFA so far?

Going to FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 and not losing a game in the whole tournament! Unfortunately I lost the final on away goals. I ended the tournament with the highest goal difference as well, playing in front of a packed out arena... I'll never get a better experience playing FIFA!


What has you most excited about FIFA 17?

Everything! New engine, more changes and updates to the game, testing myself against all the best players again and hoping I'll stay among the Top 5!


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