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The Tunguska Survivors



Hello again,

Following my last discovery, I found another letter from 1920 detailing something hugely concerning about Hargreave Rasch, CryNet – the whole damn thing. Hargreave and Rasch took their expedition to a meteor impact where some catastrophe occurred that resulted in the death in all but Hargreave, Rasch and a third American colleague Walter Gould. By all accounts, they should have perished – if the initial disaster didn’t do the trick, the Siberian winter should have. When you look closer though, it seems that Hargreave summoned far more strength than a typical human body is capable of. Sure, you hear stories like this every now and again these days, but in 1920, it seems suspicious.

I think the company may suspect their system has been breached, but until they lock me out, I’ll keep diving into their system to see if there’s anything that can shed light on this.

Ship’s Infirmary
H.M.S. Ramses

May 10th 1920

Dear Madam,

I write in my capacity as ship’s doctor aboard the British battle cruiser H.M.S. Ramses, and at the request of your eldest son, Karl-Ernst Rasch. Let me hasten to assure at this point that your son is entirely safe and, though his recent misadventures have left him in a weakened and delirious state, it is my medical opinion that he will make a full recover in due course.

I should perhaps detail how your son came to be in my care, as I understand he has been missing in the Siberian interior for some months. It seems he was discovered, together with two American colleagues, Jacob Hargreave and Walter Gould, by members of the British expeditionary force operating some hundreds of miles inland from Vladivostok, where we are currently at port. All three men were starved and suffering from minor frostbite, in addition to some secondary wounds of the kind normally associated with chemical burns and toxic inhalation.

As to the causes of all this – it is my understanding that your son was leading a scientific expedition to the site of the Tunguska meteor impact, and I can only assume from the fragments he has told me that some kind of catastrophic accident occurred with the expedition’s equipment, resulting in the death of all members except himself and his two American friends. The three men then attempted to make their way on foot back to some outpost of civilisation, but became lost in the taiga en route. It is entirely possible that this might have been the death of all three, were it not for the fortitude of your son’s colleague Jacob Hargreave, who assumed leadership and drove his two friends onward with an admirable fervour and strength of will extending even, it seems, to carrying your son on his back for long distances when Karl was no longer able to walk unaided.

Once again, I should reassure you as to your son’s condition. He is entirely safe aboard the Ramses and, our two sovereign nations being now thankfully at peace once more, he has the status of honoured guest, as do his friends. We look forward to a time in the near future when they will have regained their strength sufficient to join us at table and regale us with the full story of their adventures. At this time, if not before, Karl will no doubt have communicated with you himself. In the meantime, it is my understanding that our vessel will leave Vladivostok within the month and return to duty in British waters. Your son should thus be home once more in the bosom of his family well before summer ends.

With pleasure in imparting such tidings, I remain

Your obedient servant.
Andrew G Entwhistle MD

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