MUT Grandma's Family Recipes Collection



Get settled in with the best of the best as we cook up the Madden Ultimate Team “Grandma’s Family Recipes” collection on Saturday

Madden Ultimate Team is ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with a week of food, fun and football. We know that everyone has turkey and trimmings on their minds this week, so we figured, why not have it in Ultimate Team as well?

Starting Monday, food item collectibles will be available throughout Ultimate Team. You’ll be able to find them in packs, Thanksgiving-themed solo challenges (starting Wednesday) and season milestone rewards will grant them as a reward, as well.

These food items will be used to complete collections with big rewards. We’re giving you an early preview of what will be needed to complete the fifth collection that becomes available on Saturday. 

Get settled in with the best of the best as we cook up the “Grandma’s Family Recipes” collection on Saturday. Complete it within 24 hours to receive a Cornucopia pack loaded with great players and items, including new players representing great Thanksgiving performances in NFL history.

Here’s what you’ll need to complete this classic dinner collection. Why is it so important to know this in advance? If you complete the collection within the first 24 hours of its release, you’ll receive an additional 15,000 coin reward as a bonus!


- Corn on the Cob
- Potato Salad
- Peas
- Squash
- Mashed Potatoes
- Gravy
- Stuffing
- Sweet Potatoes
- Ham
- Roasted Turkey
- Chicken
- Duck
- Pumpkin Pie
- Apple Pie
- Pecan Pie
- Mince Pie
- Chocolate Pie
- Cinnamon Apples

IMPORTANT: Remember, you must complete this collection within 24 hours of its launch on Wednesday morning to earn the additional 15,000 coin reward.

Log in to MUT every day during Thanksgiving week for holiday-themed solo challenges, other daily food collections and our regular great content updates. Most importantly, have a fun and football-filled Thanksgiving!


Order today and celebrate the 25th anniversary of Madden NFL.

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