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There's a Real-Life Celebrity in Unravel Two: This Vicious Turkey

Meet the real bird that was programmed into Unravel Two.

Back in 2011, one very confused reporter was attacked by an angry wild bird. And in 2018, that bird is one of the Yarnys’ worst enemies. “That’s the video that started this whole thing,” says Unravel Two director Martin Sahlin. “Somebody saw that and was like, ‘That’s hilarious, we gotta have one of those.’”

Martin’s referring to a viral video of Sveriges Television reporter Berno Jonsson being chased around a country road by a western capercaillie, a hyper-aggressive wild grouse found in Sweden. The Unravel team loved it so much that they added the bloodthirsty fowl into Unravel Two, as the biggest and hungriest obstacle the Yarnys have to confront in the game’s third chapter. Check out the original video and their recreation above.

“When we made the levels, we did post-its on a big board with all the different ideas that we had and all the different moods you were supposed to feel at different places,” says Martin. “And when we meet the grouse the first time, the mood is called Berno, which is the name of the reporter that got chased. When you’re thinking about what it should feel like, it’s just like, ‘Remember that guy: he’s laughing but he’s afraid!’”

Check out this brutal beast for yourself – Unravel Two is available now.

~ Ashley Reed (Follow Ashley on Twitter @ashsmashreed)

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