Unwrap the Golden Ticket - HUT



Find the Golden Ticket and be rewarded with 30,000 EA Pucks for use in Hockey Ultimate Team.

Starting today (Monday, March 18th) and running for the week (until March 25th at 10am Pacific), look for the Golden Ticket* in Gold Premium Jumbo and Gold packs in Hockey Ultimate Team. Obtaining a Golden Ticket and putting it into your collection rewards you with 30,000 EA Pucks!

Remember, you must put the Golden Ticket into your collection for the prize to rewarded. You can only get the Golden Ticket if you pick up the Gold Premium Jumbo or Gold packs, and this is only available for the week, so don't delay. What will you buy with those extra Pucks?

* Only applies to Golden Ticket no. 5, other tickets do not qualify.

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