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Update 1.6 Notes

Update 1.6 will soon be available for download in the App Store and Google Play. Continue reading for a preview of what will be added to Command & Conquer: Rivals once this update goes live. This update brings the new Rivals Race, new ways to customize your Commanders, and changes to the Cloning Lab and Bounty rewards.

Table of Contents:


Rivals Race

In Rivals Race, small groups of players form their own Race leaderboard. All players on a leaderboard will start with a similar medal count. At the end of the Race, the top players with the highest medal counts will win unique vanity rewards.

Find out the full details about the new Rivals Race in this article.


Cloning Lab

When the Cloning Lab was first introduced, it required players to play 30 battles to clone a unit. With this system, there was no set time frame when a player would finish cloning their unit. Some players completed it quickly, while for others it could take many days. We eventually felt that 30 battles were a bit too long, but that the system itself also was not accommodating enough to everyone.

We’ve redesigned how the Cloning Chamber works. Now, Cloning Chambers will take a certain amount of time. Select a unit to clone and after a specified amount of time has elapsed your Cloning Chamber will be ready, even if you’ve played no battles. Playing battles will decrease the amount of time remaining on your Cloning Chamber, speeding up the process so you get the new cards sooner.


You’ll continue to make progress on your Cloning Chamber even when you can’t play every day. For those who want to maximize your free Cloning Chamber, playing battles will speed up the process, allowing you to utilize it daily.

New requirements for the Free Cloning Chamber:

  • The Cloning Chamber will take 72 hrs to clone a unit
  • The Cloning Chamber time will be reduced by 4 hrs for every battle played

We’ve also increased the number of Common cards that you receive when using the Free or Standard Cloning Chamber. This change should make it slightly easier to clone the cards you need to level up your Common units.

  • Free Chamber: You now clone 120 Common cards (previously was 60 Common cards)
  • Standard Chamber: You now clone 200 Common cards (previously was 90 Common cards)

Commander Skins

In Update 1.5, we introduced unit skins, Commander emotes, and explojis. We will continue to offer new vanity items that you can use to customize your army.

Your Commander is the face of your army and brings special abilities to the battle. From the main landing page to the loading screen, your Commander is visible not just to you but also to your rivals. With this update, we introduced Commander skins. These skins will change the look of your Commander in all the usual locations – landing page, army loadout, loading screen and during the battle.

We will be alternating when these skins will be offered, so not all of them may be available with the release of Update 1.6. Three of the new Commander skins, Solomon Dress Whites, Jade Obsidian, and Oxanna Shadow Cast, will be offered as event rewards on only the standard track.

Lt. Strongarm Cobalt Camo

Lt. Strongarm Overhaul

Dr. Liang Triage

Dr. Liang Golden Oath

Solomon Dress Whites

Solomon Perfect Storm

Col. Jackson Wild Front

Col. Jackson Kingfisher

Seth Arctic Camo

Seth Rogue

Kane Fallen Prophet

Kane Coldheart

Jade Origins Camo

Jade Obsidian

Oxanna The Last Word

Oxanna Shadow Cast



Unit Unlock Order

In this Update, we have made some changes to the unit unlock order. Several units will unlock at a lower player level, allowing you to start using the units earlier. We hope this will increase player decision-making and diversity at all levels and give you access to the newer units earlier.

New unlock levels:

Player Level



Confessors (was level 16)


Grenadier (was level 33)

Mutant Marauders (was level 35)


Mohawk Gunship (was level 49)


M.L.R.S. (was level 18)


Giga-Cannon (was level 20)


Laser Drones (was level 29)


War Dogs (was level 22)


Cyberwheel (was level 31)


Chemical Warriors (was level 24)


Chem Buggy (was level 32)


MG Squad (was level 42)


Col. Jackson (was level 46)


Oxanna (was level 48)


Phantom (was level 40)


Slingshot (was level 41)


Sniper Team (was level 54)


Flame Tank (was level 55)


Stealth Tank (was level 56)


Juggernaut (was level 57)

Economy Changes

Bounty Reward

Credits are needed to upgrade your units and Commanders. Right now, there isn’t a great way to specifically earn Credits every day. We want bounties to be a way that players can reliably obtain credits daily. Players already are rewarded with credits and XP for completing individual bounties. With this update, we are replacing the Rare crate with credits. When you have completed all five bounties, you will receive 2,500 credits.

  • Replaced the reward for completing five bounties with 2,500 credits (previously rewarded 1 Rare crate)

Unit Balance Changes



The Kodiak struggled to fully utilize its intended functionality. This should put some ease on the player and allow for the Kodiak to be more versatile in combat.”

  • Kodiak is now able to use its side cannons without having to point its primary cannon at another unit.

Performance & Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access other parts of the app until opening all season reset crates
  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to build buildings or units
  • Fixed the notification spam issue
  • Fixed an issue where the MG Squad did not turn to attack enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where the Juggernaut did not attack enemy units
  • Fixed an issue where the number of expected cards did not match the number of cards received when opening the Vault
  • Fixed a visual issue when receiving Rare cards from Crates
  • Fixed an issue where the Orca Bomber stats are in a different order compared to other units
  • Fixed an issue where the Sandstorm crashes when it targets four units
  • Fixed the missile tooltip to correctly state ‘Missiles will fire after 40 seconds of charging.’
  • Fixed an issue where the Tiberium Immunity description did not match the in-game experience
  • Fixed an issue where the Missile Squad that spawns from the APC triggers the unit cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where the War Dogs played the Rhino sound effect when targeting air units
  • Fixed the Vault overview to show 350 cards
  • Fixed a typo on the Korean event description

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