Visceral Games Store Now Open For Business!



Life getting you down? Feeling like you're in one of the circles of hell these days, what with your nagging boss or teacher or spouse? Well, cheer up, because have we got the gift for you! Come check out the brand-spankin' new Visceral Games Store!

How many times have you said to yourself recently, "Boy, I sure wish I had a Dante's Inferno hoodie?" I know, right? Like EVERY DAY. And that was even before there was a videogame.  I remember growing up in Van Nuys in the 1970s, and while all the other dumb kids were wearing Yes shirts and Zeppelin shirts, I was reading Dante and longing for a shirt based on the 14th-century epic poem, if only to impress Susan Rufus, who I was sure would finally pay attention to me if only I had help from my favorite Florentine poet.

Anyway, while that didn't exactly work out for me, the good news is that it can work for you now, thanks to the grand opening of the Visceral Games Store. Not only can you buy Dante's Inferno hoodies, but there is plenty more schwag where that came from, including t-shirts, posters, limited-edition signed lithographs, and more for both the Dante's Inferno and Dead Space franchises. I also see a pretty bad-ass looking Dante's Inferno letter opener, but, unfortunately, it's listed as "coming soon."  So you know what that means, right? You're going to have to bookmark the site and check it EVERY SINGLE DAY until that letter opener is in stock. And then you're going to have to buy it on Day 1, along with five more for your friends, so you can all open letters with a replica of a tool from hell, just the way Dante Alighieri envisioned it 700+ years ago. 

Be a part of history, and shop now!

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