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Salute to Superfans: Star Wars™ HQ

Meet Ryan and Robby Thomas from Star Wars HQ

We all love video games, but some just love them more than others. In this series, we’ll be highlighting our most passionate players from around the world.


Meet the twin brothers Ryan and Robby Thomas from the Star Wars HQ channel.

Battlefield streamer Stonemountain64

Robby and Ryan Thomas from Star Wars HQ.


How did you start streaming?

Ryan: We started streaming a very long time ago and in those early days, we covered a variety of games. It wasn’t until Star Wars Battlefront™ was announced at E3 2013 that we knew we had to cover the game. We were huge fans of the original, so you can imagine our excitement when the game was announced. I can still remember the crowd’s reaction at E3 2013 and the way I felt when I saw the very first trailer for Star Wars Battlefront - a dream come true!

Robby: Definitely a dream come true! We had always said we would love to see DICE work on the Battlefront franchise, when we heard they were working on it, we couldn’t believe it.

StoneMountain64 creating Battlefield content

Inferno Squad is in Star Wars Battlefront II.


What are your favorite aspects of Star Wars Battlefront II?

Ryan: Multiple eras returning! It’s going to be exciting to see the clone troopers back in action again, as well as hear that famous “Roger, Roger!” from battle droids™. Just thinking about it makes me feel like a kid again.  I am very thankful that the development teams at DICE, Motive and Criterion have decided to take on this project for us Star Wars fans.

Robby: Definitely the Clone Wars and the inclusion of classes. It really feels like DICE and EA are listening to fan feedback and I am so excited to see what they do with the new class system.

Battlefield in-game footage

A battle droid render from Star Wars Battlefront II


Take us through a typical day for you – what are some of the things you do every day?

Ryan: Typically we start early checking social media for news regarding Star Wars Battlefront II and Star Wars in general. We plan out videos and discuss new innovative ideas for videos, which may require months of research.

Robby: Sometimes you don’t know what to make a video about. We think alike, but sometimes one of us may pick up on something the other has missed.  

What does your community mean to you?

Ryan: Our community means everything to us, they’ve supported us for many years. We enjoy listening to them during our streams, they’re entertaining, they make us laugh and really brighten our day, which is why we run contests to show our appreciation for them.

Robby: We love our community. We call them our “Star Wars Family”, I had a chance to meet many of our fans at Star Wars Celebration which was great.

I wanted to either write or direct movies, or design video games, but it had to be with Ryan.

Unboxing Battlefield 1: Dice Edition

Robby and Ryan’s day-to-day at Star Wars HQ.


What types of videos do you like making the best?

Ryan: Videos that reveal a big announcement or showcase something new to the community - such as our Star Wars Battlefront II trailer breakdown video.

Robby: I enjoy reporting news related stuff that’s just happened. It’s exciting to share news with fellow Star Wars fans and witness the community reaction, doing our weekend livestreams and chilling with Ryan.

Unboxing Battlefield 1: Dice Edition

Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad.


What advice would you give someone just starting out in streaming?

Ryan: Never give up. If you feel passionate about it and feel you can succeed, then that is all you need to get to where you want to be.

Robby: There’s always going to be someone telling you what you can and can’t do. You have to remember it's up to you in the end, embrace the challenge and enjoy the challenges ahead.

What are three tips that anyone can use to grow their community?

Robby:  Make sure you are genuine. We began our Star Wars HQ because we genuinely have a passion and love for Star Wars, Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Battlefront II. Never stop learning and make sure you also have fun.

Unboxing Battlefield 1: Dice Edition

Robby and Ryan at Star Wars HQ


When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ryan: I wanted to become a movie director, a music composer for film or work in the gaming industry. I am very fortunate to have ended up working as a content creator for Star Wars Battlefront, where we have a passionate community that enjoys our videos.

Robby: I wanted to either write or direct movies, or design video games, but it had to be with Ryan.

Unboxing Battlefield 1: Dice Edition

Experience space battles in Star Wars Battlefront II


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Ryan: The best pieces of advice I have received was from my Mom, who has always said to pursue what I’m passionate about most. She has always believed in me every step of the way.

Robby: It goes back to being genuine. Mom always encouraged us to be who we are and to keep going. Just make sure you are good to yourself and people around you and be genuine in that.  


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